Smoothies (Blended Fresh)

Smoothies (Blended Fresh)

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Fresh, bottled 16 oz smoothies - pack of 6

Flavors rotate weekly and will always consist of 2 different flavors (3 of each):

Green - spinach, walnut, banana, chocho, chia, hemp, flax, maca, chlorella 

Blueberry Aloe - walnut, spinach, hemp, chia, flax, maca 

Turmeric Mango - turmeric, cashew, ginger, chia, hemp, flax, maca

Pineapple Mandarin - aloe, coconut, hemp, chia, flax, amla
Banana Almond Cacao - raw coconut water, almond, sacha inchi 

Shelf life is 6 days after delivery.

Smoothies are available as an add-on to your meal plan and are delivered on either Sunday or Wednesday.  
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