About AC Kitchen

Chef Alen Campbell

About our Chef:

Chef Allen Campbell is widely known as a leader in the sports nutrition world. Most recently known as Tom Brady’s former personal chef, author of the TB12 Nutrition Manual as well as contributor to the TB12 Method and The Game of Eating Smart. Allen has popularized and revolutionized traditional culinary artistry by maximizing health benefits and sustainability. 

Allen created AC Kitchen to be a resource for those looking to achieve maximum health while enjoying delicious, organic food. This unique, small-batch meal service provides a wide variety of seasonal recipes, all made to order from scratch and hand-delivered from Boston to NYC.



Our Purpose: 

To ignite people with passion for food that loves them back.

How We Deliver on Our Purpose:

  • We make it way easier and more convenient to eat healthy.
  • We cook uncompromised using high quality, organic ingredients. 
  • We deliver on taste and presentation.

The creators of your food can have a lasting impact on your health, and ultimately your life, when they are willing to make a few changes behind the scenes.

AC Kitchen diligently follows the latest in nutrition science preparing every recipe from scratch with whole, unprocessed, organic foods. We are obsessed with bringing out the best in what’s found in nature and avoiding inflammatory, processed foods like gluten, dairy, and sugar.

Approaching food in this way isn’t easy, but it’s the only way we work. Food should improve our lives and our health. Our mission is to make sure that everything that leaves our kitchen does exactly that and encourages more people to see food the way we do.

Walk the Walk:

The food industry has become just that, industrial—and it's causing irreversible harm to our environment. Here’s the good news; when you demand better ingredients, you encourage better farming practices. Better farming is (you guessed it) better for the environment. Our mission is to make choices as an organization that encourage this virtuous cycle every single day. Building relationships with local regenerative organic farms, eliminating food waste, cross utilizing seasonal produce and doing so with the utmost transparency is what builds the foundation of AC Kitchen’s moral compass.

No peel, stem, seed, leaf or bone left behind. Whether turned into a stock, dehydrated and powderized as a spice, consumed by our kitchen staff or donated to local non-profit organization, our reduction of waste means more people reap the nutritional benefits of organic food; the food that loves them back.

Our packaging is certified compostable and biodegradable. We also use reusable bags and ice packs while hand-delivering our meals to minimize the amount of material waste. We are working towards a future in which our products, operations and supply chain are a positive, regenerative force for the planet.

(If you are looking for info on chef placement or 1-on-1 consulting, find Chef Allen at allencampbell.com)

Spring 2024 Farms:

Warner Farm - Sunderland, MA

Next Barn Over - Hadley, MA

Plainville Farm - Hadley, MA

Pete's Greens - Craftsbury, VT

Old Athen's Farm - Westminster, VT

Harlow Farm - Westminster, VT

Bone Mountain Farm - Bolton, VT

Pitchfork Farm - Burlington, VT

Hurricane Flats - South Royalton, VT

Snug Valley Farm  - E. Hardwick, VT

Latremore Farm - Chazy, NY

Kent Family Farm - Lisbon, NY