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The AC Custom Meal Plan is for those looking for a more personalized service. Our custom option can be spread out and utilized for up to twice as long while you may be out of town.

For those that travel or like to dine out on the weekends, our custom meal plan lends support in finding nutritious options while on the road or enjoying a night out as you'll have direct email access to our team for the length of your plan. 

Chef Allen and his team work with your medical practitioners to create menus as well as organizing a bi-weekly follow up zoom call in order to assess progress and make changes as needed. 

Our team will reach out to you within 2 hours of this order to schedule a call with Chef Allen. 



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Welcome to ACKitchen

AC Kitchen is a small-batch, organic meal service that hand delivers meals from Boston to NYC. We have limited capacity and periodically grant access upon request to those within our delivery zone.

If you are already a client then proceed to login into ACKitchen, otherwise register to request access.



What are my options for meal plans?

You choose any or all three: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
You choose: 3, 5, 6, 7 days.
You choose: Flexitarian (plant forward with some animal protein), Plant (100% vegan), Custom (fully custom)

What if I don’t like or can’t have certain foods? Do I still have to go fully custom?

No, we offer the option to omit certain foods within each meal plan.

How many calories are in each meal plan?

For our house menu, breakfast + lunch + dinner plan is 12-1400 calories. AC Kitchen is focused on personalized nutrition and can accommodate various dietary needs.

Can I choose the menu?

We offer a variety of seasonal menus each week but do not offer the option to choose aside from our Custom Meal Plan.

Where do you deliver? When will the meals arrive.

We deliver from eastern Massachusetts to Connecticut to Manhattan. We deliver on Sunday and Wednesday at reasonable times: Massachusetts from 7am – 5pm Connecticut from 11am – 3pm Manhattan/Brooklyn from 2pm – 6pm

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can pause your weekly or monthly subscription at any time without any extra charges. You never lose the credit on your account for time away.